What Day is Christmas This Year 2016 | History & Celebration in USA

What Day is Christmas This Year 2016 | History – There are very few festivals which are celebrated prominently all across the world and Christmas festival is also one of them. It is a global festival celebrated by both Christians and Non – Christians with its growing popularity over the years. It is the best moment to enjoy this religious and cultural holiday merrily and with lot of excitement along with friends and family members. The day offers people to come together and wish and greet each other with lot of love and emotions to welcome the most auspicious day of the year.

Christmas 2016
Christmas 2016

What Day is Christmas This Year 2016

Christmas Day This Year 2016 – Christmas Day is the important day as it reminds people the day the savior Lord Jesus was born. It is believed and widely accepted that Jesus Christ was born to help and save all the human beings from ill effects of going into hell and therefore it is the most sacred and holy festival in the world. The day falls on 25th December every year which is recognized as the commemoration of Jesus Birth. Many countries across the globe celebrate this day with lot of activities and events to make it more memorable and happening. Many of us might be searching the exact day Christmas festival will be celebrated this year 2016 which will fall on Sunday an official holiday to relish and bask into the feast.

Christmas History

History of Christmas – There are various historical facts available in accordance with the Christmas Festival. It reveals that Christmas celebration was first recorded on 25th December 336 A.D just a few years later when Pope Julius I declared that Jesus Christ birth would be celebrated on that particular day and should be followed every year. But apart from this declaration there are several pagan celebrations that take place around with the 25th December celebration such as the Winter Solstice which occurs from 20th -21st December. There are some historical theories with the appropriate date that was chosen by some many other groups celebrating the festival around that time of year. Also the Jewish festival marks the celebration on 25th December.

Christmas Celebration in USA

Christmas Celebration – People in United States celebrate this prosperous event in a grand manner. The state is accompanied with different cultures and traditions where citizens celebrate the event in different ways. The common traditional method to enjoy the day is by arranging family meal consisting of Turkey or Ham along with cranberry sauce, cabbage dishes and soups. Also Americans prefer to send out Christmas Wishing cards, greeting cards comprising of carol singings. People also decorate their houses with lights, statues of Santa Claus, snowmen and reindeer. Also the atmosphere everywhere in the cities and towns are filled with street lights and party events to celebrate Christmas more excitingly.